Our Beers

Full-flavored, highly drinkable, and supremely balanced – in a word: süffig.
Meet your newest "old friends"

Bierkeller beers are brewed using traditional German methods and only the highest-quality German ingredients. Each beer achieves its own balance between the four essential ingredients: malt, water, yeast, and hops. Bierkeller beers are meant to be settled in with and enjoyed. They are unique yet familiar; subtle yet full-flavored; easy-drinking yet full of nuance. Our goal is to offer beers that get better the more time you spend with them...just like old friends do.

Kölumbianer™ (4.8% ABV)
This Kölsch-style beer is easy-drinking, crisp and bright with a floral hoppiness and a slight white grape/white wine character from the yeast. Some people even compare it to a Chardonnay. Kölumbianer is something cool and refreshing (and always fresh) for "famously hot" Columbia.

Kellerbier (5.3% ABV)
Kellerbier is served young, with light carbonation, and is quite hoppy with a cloudy appearance. Light, soft, and refreshing, Kellerbier is a rustic, "farmhouse lager" meant to be consumed in quantity year-round. A true Franconian original.

Rauchbier (5.2% ABV)
This smoked beer tends to taste pretty intense at first. Served fresh, it has a clean smoke aroma backed by a toasty-toffeeish Märzen base. A Bamberg specialty, locals there claim you need to drink three half-liters before you truly come to appreciate it, as it really tends to mellow out – and taste increasingly delicious – with quantity.

Braunbier (5.6% ABV)
Braunbier is modeled after another Bamberg specialty of the same name. It is an amber-brown lager that has a gentle toasty maltiness, balanced by a rich breadiness and a clean, herbal bitterness from German noble hops.

Fastenbier (5.1% ABV)
A "Franconian Dunkel" brewed for the Lenten season. Contains 70% Munich malt and 20% Weyerman beechwood smoked malt. A small amount of roasted malt ties it all together. Lagered for 8 weeks prior to release.
"Fluessiges bricht, das Fasten nicht!"